A new study has been released that will finally put that pesky “educating women leads to divorce” argument that has apparently been raging unbeknownst to the majority of the country. While the study only looks at trends in marriage, it has come to the conclusion that couples aren’t more likely to get a divorce if the wife had more education than the husband. In what seems to be a throwback to the more openly sexist days of the 40’s and 50’s, the fear was that women who had more education than their husbands were more likely to face divorce and marital unhappiness. Thankfully, this study goes to prove that this isn’t the case in any way and that we have certainly made strides towards gender equality seeing as how men are no longer intimidated by intelligent women.

Along with the original discovery, the study also found out the couples with equal education were less likely to divorce than those in which the husband is better educated. This move towards egalitarian relationships is a great thing for a wide number of reasons, first of which is the fact that men and women deserve to be equals in every way possible. It also means that people are moving away from using marriage as a status symbol and as a way to keep women subservient to men. People are now marrying for love and whoever is seen as the “provider” is becoming less and less important.

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