Since it’s inception in 1987, the USDLA (United States Distance Learning Association) has been the preeminent supporter of distance learning research, development, and praxis in our country. It was the first nonprofit to be founded on the ideals of education being available and affordable for everyone, regardless of where they live. With a focus on training, education, and communications, the USDLA hopes to bring knowledge and a love of learning to even the most remote parts of our country.

While initially started to focus on education and schools, the mission of the USDLA has changed as it has grown larger and technology has advanced. Now the USDLA works to use modern technology to bring education to: pre K-12 schools, higher education institutions, continuing education institutions, military training, corporate training, governmental training, home schooling, and telemedicine (the use of video in medicine). The USDLA also work internationally to bring these technologies and skills to people around the world.usdla


  • Leadership: to provide leaders in distance learning
  • Advocate: to advocate for and promote the use of distance learning
  • Information: to inform people about distance learning
  • Policy: to push for policies supporting distance learning
  • Association of Associations: to support the state and individual organizations that support and are part of the USDLA
  • Recognition: to provide recognition and awards to outstanding achievements in distance learning
  • Partnerships: to promote and push for partnerships within education, businesses, governments, and healthcare
  • International: to promote distance learning and achieve a global leadership role by partnering with international organizations
  • Access and Equity: to promote equality and easy access to education through distance learning
  • Diversity: to promote diversity within the USDLA and partners

If you’d like to know more about the USDLA or what they do, please follow this link!